• From very small to very large - we have something for every requirement. 1 K and 2 K products.

  • Example of assembly of assemblies: from many individual parts a product is fully automated, including quality control!

  • Our tool making ensures quick implementation of entirely new projects.

  • Injection Moulding

  • Assembly Service

  • Tool making

Injection Moulding at OKE SA

As a specialist in the development and production of technical plastic components, we combine versatile and extensive expertise under one roof. The success of moulding a reliable quality product with excellent product performance starts with the mould design and choosing the right type of polymer. We are confident of the quality of our advice, due to the knowledge we have gained through many years in the industry.


Currently we have twelve injection moulding machines with up to 300 tonnes of clamping force. Spatially, we also offer various expansion options for new equipment.

  • 12 injection moulding machines (capacity: 1g to 1.000g shot weight)
  • concept sketch to detailed CAD
  • product design in CAD to design and simulate the moulding process
  • prototyping department to 3D print the customer's designs for evaluation and testing
  • tool making inhouse and we constuct machinery and equipment
  • expansion options for futher equipment


As an important supplier for the largest car manufacturer, we are accustomed to meeting the highest standards of product and process quality every day and we satisfy the criteria of ISO 9001:2008.

Huge material variety

Customers rely on OKE to produce parts with custom colours, custom sizes, custom packaging, and custom fabrication. We have the capacity and capability to work with over a dozen different raw materials such as PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene, high and low density polyethylene, acrylic, and engineered thermoplastics to name a few.

OKE South Africa (PTY) Ltd.
10 Dawn Road - Montague Gardens
7442 Cape Town

Phone: +27 21 5512464

Module assembly

Assembly lines behind the injection moulding machines enable the production of complete modules. In this automated process, parts can be fed, a wide variety of assembly technologies implemented, and many inspection processes for 100% quality control including component marking.

Quality Control

Our dedicated quality control team will supply you with detailed production reports for each order, accompanied by COA for the raw material used in producing your product. Technical and Engineering components are regularly sent to independent analytical laboratories for evaluation. 

Large volumes

On our moulding machines large volume components can be manufactured easily. Our parts are with thin wall thicknesses and high tolerances.