• No flat tyres anymore - guaranteed! With our Tyre Liner made in extrusion.

  • Colors, length of the stick or even individual components. Everything's customizable.

  • OKE South Africa injection moulds plastic parts and components for many well-known companies in various markets: point-of-purchase display, paint brushware, hardware and many more.

  • Bicycle Tyre Liner

  • Individual

  • Paint Brushware


Our manufacturing processes extrusion and injection molding offer many possibilities to produce products efficiently, taking into account the speed, serial size, material types and also the complexity of a product. And also the combination of both processes extends our product portfolio. Thus, we are broadly positioned and offer extensive possibilities in the field of technical plastic components. In addition, post processes, such as automation or packaging, play an important role. Challenge us!

Components of Feather Duster

Our components of the feather duster are some examples for the combination of our extrusion and injection molding processes and the resulting advantages: a detailed tolerance adjustment of the individual components, exact color accuracy, assembly tests and simplified process adjustments, just to name a few. We manufacture according to your wishes and corporate design.

Components of Feather Duster

Example of Components

Example of Components

Tyre Liner

Tyre Liner

The extruded plastic strip prevents punctures from thorns or sharp objects. It is manufactured from Polyurethane and can be easily and quickly installed between the tyre and the tube. The grip strips on the one side prevent it moving around inside the tyre and pinching the tube.

More Examples

Individual Profiles

Point of display

Paint Brushware

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