• We consider our customers' entire production process and increase their efficiency.

  • For over thirty years, we have been a solution provider of the international automotive industry.

  • We handle partially or fully automated processes from the idea to the practical implementation where they are sensible and efficient.

  • VA/VE

  • OKE as solution provider

  • Process development & Automation


We have been a partner of the international automotive industry for more than thirty years. We are considered as the market leader in the segment of extruded plastic components for seat covers. Our fastening profiles are lightweight, resource-saving, efficient and they require fewer process steps. We develop and produce complex injection moulding 3D components ranging from small parts with tolerances of less than 0.02 mm through to large-scale components with an injection weight of more than 9,500 g. The methods we use include endless injection moulding, reel-on-reel, component assembly and inlay moulding.  We think of ourselves as solution providers and we always consider the overall production process, even during development. From semi to fully automated solutions we will always provide you with the best combination. You will find examples of solutions on the following pages.

Wiper Blades

ProBlade silicone wiper blade refills are the ultimate in windscreen wiper technology. ProBlade wiper refill blades are made from 100 % high temperature vulcanized silicone (HTV silicone) with proprietary performance enhancing additives. The ProBlade wiper tracks and end-caps are 100 % virgin polycarbonate, an engineered thermoplastic.

Wiper Blades

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