High quality: for all weather conditions!

OKE SA developed a range of water-clear polyester Glass sealing systems to solve the problems of yellowing and brittleness in sliding, folding, framed and frameless wall,  door and shower installations – requiring replacement bi-annually in our harsh climate. Our seals proved highly superior in product life, clarity, sound-proofing, waterproofing, wind-proofing, grip, and UV resistance and we now supply to our knowledge, the entire South African market. Less than a handful of our installations, in place now for up to 10 years, have needed replacement.



For over 10 years we have been developing and producing sealing profiles for sliding, folding, frameless and frameless wall, door and shower installations. Our sophisticated profiles offer many advantages:

  • no yellowing and brittleness
  • all seals are UV-resistant
  • 2 component (rigid & flexible polymer) shower gaskets with non-stick finish
  • high-quality profiles are unobtrusive and elegantly adapt to the glass, for glass thicknesses of 6 to 13.52 mm
  • sehr lange Lebensdauer bei anhaltender hoher Wasserdichtigkeit



Window and door seals are subjected to many weather influences: solar radiation, moisture and, for example, temperature fluctuations. The material mix is crucial for high quality. Therefore, we only use selected and tested materials that meet all requirements and are UV-resistant. A yellowing of the transparent profiles is out of the question.



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