Privacy Policy

      The protection of personal data is of great importance for many Internet users and forms an important basis for a pleasant and satisfactory use of the Internet. The OKE GROUP GmbH always pays great attention to questions and concerns of customers and other visitors to our site in terms of data protection, and respects the privacy laws in Germany and overseas, as well as the relevant EU directives. Both as a buyer of our products and services or as a visitor to our website, we can assure you that we do not collect any personal information from you unless you have made this available to us for this purpose. Please note that our websites contain links to other websites. The OKE GROUP GmbH accepts no responsibility for the compliance with data protection, privacy policies and for the content of these other websites. The OKE GROUP GmbH is responsible as a content provider only for its own content, which it makes available for use in accordance with statutory legislation. Hyperlinks (links) can be found in this content in order to distinguish any content provided by other content providers. The OKE GROUP GmbH provides external content via this hyperlink, which is available for use. The OKE GROUP GmbH is only liable for this external content if it (i.e. also for any illegal or criminal content) has positive knowledge and if it is technically possible and reasonable for its use to be prevented (Art. 5 paragraph 2 of TDG). Links are always dynamic references. The OKE GROUP GmbH has checked the external content in its first link to establish it may be subject to any potential civil or criminal proceedings. The content provider is not obliged under the TDG (German Teleservices Act) to check constantly for any changes to the content to which it refers in its offer, for which it may be held responsible. Only when it finds out or has been informed by others that a concrete offer for which it has provided a link where it may be subject to criminal or civil proceedings, will it remove the reference for this offer, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical feasibility and reasonableness are not influenced by the fact that this can be accessed from the OKE GROUP GmbH website via other servers even after access to any offers which may lead to civil or criminal proceedings has been withdrawn.

      Personal data

      We do not collect any personal information from visitors to our website unless the visitor explicitly and consciously makes this available. Under no circumstances do we collect any personal information, any information regarding racial and ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sexual orientation. If you are just visiting our website, then we do not collect personal information about you. In two situations, you may explicitly and intentionally provide certain personal information and may give consent for it to be collected:

      E-mail requests for information or registration for basic courses or seminars

      On our website, we provide links through which you can send us e-mail messages if you have any questions, would like to request information and materials, register for basic courses or seminars, would like to register, or have any comments and suggestions for us. You also have the opportunity to be informed in person by one of our employees about our products and services. To help us process your request, we may request that you provide additional personal information such as your name and your telephone number.


      When you request any of our products or our services, we will require certain information from you. Depending on the product or service, various personal information will be collected from you. For certain products and services, your name, age, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, bank details, IP address, or similar information will be required. If ordering other products and services, additional information may be required under certain circumstances. A detailed list of the types of personal information, which must be specified when ordering various products, can be found on the order page for the particular product or service in question.

      Statistical data about your visit

      When you visit our site, our computers may automatically collect statistics about your visit. This data does not include any information about yourself; rather it gives information should you visit our website again. We retain statistics, for example, about the number of visitors to our site, the user's IP address, the date and the time of your visit, the pages visited, the domains from which visitors access the site and the browsers they use. This statistical information is not matched with any personal information you have provided us. The information is assessed anonymously and is then deleted at regular intervals. The statistics help us to improve our website's performance.

      Use of cookies

      We use cookies only in the manner described in this section. A cookie contains information, which is sent from our website to your browser, this browser then stores the information on your system. When cookies are used, our website is able to remember information about you and your preferences either until you close the current browser window (temporary cookies) or until you disable or delete the cookie. Many users use cookies because they help them to navigate a website. You can rest assured that cookies contain only as much data as you allow, and that they are not able to penetrate into your hard drive and to transmit personal or any other information from your computer to the sender of the cookie. We only use cookies in situations as described below. The first situation refers to temporary cookies. Temporary cookies are used in two situations. If you are accessing our services via one of our online applications, our web server automatically sends a temporary cookie to your browser, which makes it easier to navigate our website. In these temporary cookies, there is a direction value containing only information with which our software can determine which page should be displayed when you click on your browser's 'Back' button. The cookie is deleted when you close the current browser window. If you access our website via one of our business partners, our web server also sends a temporary cookie to your browser, which contains a source code for that business partner. We use this information for statistical and marketing purposes. If you are a licensee of the OKE GROUP GmbH and invoke a section of the site with access control, we will set a temporary cookie for the connection to specify that you have been authenticated. These cookies contain random data, which the server uses to authenticate the browser requests to the server throughout this session. The cookies do not contain any data from which you can be personally identified. The cookie is deleted when you close the current browser window. The second situation in which we use cookies is when requesting documentation, services or any other inquiries to us during your visit to our website. If you fill out a form, you can choose if our website sends a cookie to your local hard drive. This is not a temporary cookie; however, you can always disable your browser settings. If you do not accept this type of cookie, you can still use our site. If you accept this type of cookie, you will save time filling out forms and/or follow-up visits to our website. Even if you accept this type of cookie, you can reset your browser at any time so that you receive a notification when a cookie is being sent to you. Therefore, you always have the opportunity to decide whether to accept or to reject the cookie. This website uses Piwik, a web analytics open-source software. Piwik uses cookies, which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address anonymized prior to its storage) will be stored on the server of the service provider in Germany. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

      How we handle any personal data collected and whom we forward it to

      Any collected personal data is used exclusively for the purposes as outlined below:

      Sending replies

      As a rule, we respond to all questions sent via e-mail, requests for information about products and services, along with any other requests. We archive this correspondence for the purpose of improving our products, our services, and our website, as well as for individual commercial purposes. We often store contact information to send individuals updates or important information about our products and services, including newsletters.

      Support, renewal and purchase of our products and services

      We use the information you provide to contact you about support, renewal and the purchase of our products and services. In addition to this, we pass on the information you provide to affiliates, business partners or representatives of the OKE GROUP GmbH (both inside and outside the European Economic Area) to be able to contact you in relation to the support, renewal or acquisition of OKE GROUP GmbH products and services. Our affiliates, business partners or representatives may get in contact with you directly as a result of this.Availability of interesting products and services If anything, we forward on the data provided by you to trusted OKE GROUP GmbH business partners or suppliers (within or outside the European Economic Region), in order to complement their products or services, and any products or services from the OKE GROUP GmbH, which we believe you may be interested in. Our trustworthy business partners or suppliers can get in contact with you directly.

      Availability of products and services included in the scope (or requests for specific services or specific management services)

      The scope of specific services of the OKE GROUP GmbH includes additional products or services from third party contractors. When purchasing this type of service, we may therefore pass on some of the information in your request either in whole or in part to third parties (within or outside the European Economic Region), so that they can provide the product or service and inform you about that product/service or an upgrade. We assure you that agreements are in place with these third-party products and services, which exclude the disclosure of data to third parties (in accordance with the Privacy Policy).

      Authenticating your identity

      For certain services, it is necessary for the OKE GROUP GmbH to compare certain data in your request/order with databases held by third parties or other sources of information held by third parties. Here, we verify your identity and other attributes and also make sure that your identity is not being compromised.

      Statutory disclosure and licence protection

      If there is a legal obligation to disclose any information to local, state, national or international government or law enforcement authorities, we will comply with this obligation (for example, we can use the identity of the buyer of certain software products with the Office of Export Control, Bureau of Export Administration, the U.S. Department of Commerce, as specified in accordance with our export licenses). We will also disclose data to third parties, if applicable laws and regulations require us to do so. In addition to this, the OKE GROUP GmbH may disclose any information to check illegal activities or suspected fraud, to prevent or to initiate appropriate measures or enforce any contractual and license rights owned by the OKE GROUP GmbH.


      Occasionally, we ask our customers for a survey in order to provide us with data. Participation in these surveys is entirely voluntary and it is therefore up to the customer whether he/she provides this information or not. The survey data is used to monitor and improve the use of this website and to improve our service and product offers.

      Objection to future notifications

      Occasionally, we inform our customers about new products, announcements, upgrades and updates. This is mainly by newsletter. If you wish to stop receiving notifications, then please contact us at the address quoted at the end of the Privacy Policy, or click the respective "Cancel" button on the relevant page. Please note that for reasons of security, initial use, expiration date, product enhancements or services, any notifications sent on our behalf cannot be refused. If you have received a notification from one of our trusted partners or suppliers, or when we have already passed your information onto our trusted partners or suppliers, you will need to notify them directly under these circumstances should you not wish to receive any further notifications in the future.

      Our security measures

      The protection of all personal data, which we receive from visitors to our website and our customers, forms an important part of our corporate philosophy. We can assure you that your personal data is protected against loss, misuse or alteration by our security measures. As with all Internet transmissions, however, there is still a residual risk when it comes to sending personal data. In order to minimise this risk, we encrypt the information you provide when ordering our products and services by using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

      Accessing, correcting or updating your data

      If you change or correct any personal information or if you simply want to find out the content of your personal data being stored by us, please contact us at the address listed at the end of this Privacy Policy. If you use this function, your e-mail address will be displayed as the sender of this e-mail. Neither your e-mail address nor that of the recipient are used for any other purposes.


      All material presented on our web pages, along with photos and graphics and their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. They may not be copied, modified, nor used for commercial purposes on other websites. Some Internet sites also contain images, which are subject to the copyright of the parties who provided them.

      Changes to thisPrivacy Statement

      Should any fundamental changes be made to this Privacy Policy, then we will post those changes on our website.

      To contact us or our Privacy Officer

      All prospective and existing customers of the OKE GROUP GmbH can contact us at:

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