• We extrude technically demanding and particularly high quality plastic profiles.

  • RAIN-X: The smallest and most efficient sprinkler on the market.

  • We produce components of up to 500 g. Many of our injection moulding products are used in the agricultural industry.

  • Extrusion

  • Agriculture: New Sprinkler RAIN-X

  • Injection Moulding


We develop and produce sophisticated technical plastic components in particular for the automotive, furniture and agricultural industries. Extrusion and injection moulding are the shaping processes that we use most frequently. Along with 11 other production and warehouse sites, OKE South Africa is part of the OKE group that produce and distribute our products to the global markets. The staff complement at OKE South Africa is more than 140. OKE South Africa is an important site for the agricultural industry, to whom we supply our irrigation systems.

OKE South Africa in numbers

We are one of the country's leading specialists in custom plastic and silicone extrusions, as well as injection moulding.

We develop and produce pipes and micro sprinklers for a more responsible use of water in the agricultural industry and gardening. All our products are manufactured using the highest quality engineering grade material that are resistant to agrochemicals and adverse weather conditions.

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